Why this Mountain Biker Girl loves mountain biking

Many people wait lifetime to fall in love and sadly, some never do. The deliciousness of the desire to pour your heart and soul into someone or something with no regard for the return on investment. This person or thing not only brings with it happy moments and big silly grins but a sheer, deep down joy that fills your chest and heart with a humbling and exciting feeling of continuous amazement and pure awesomeness. A feeling, for me, is hard to believe that a relatively simplistic contraption with a frame, seat and two rubber wheels can bring.

Banff National Park

My love affair with mountain biking didn’t start with electricity or fireworks. In fact it’s been a prolonged dance due to the balancing act I attempted and somehow managed to maintain throughout my twenties. Pursuing a career, completing a masters degree and maintaing a spot on the Canadian National women’s amateur boxing team while competing all over the world didn’t allow for much breathing time. And certainly, no time to give a new sport a go. But in time I would hang up my gloves, finish my masters and found time to rediscover myself and once again open my heart to new adventures. And sure enough mountain biking was there, waiting like a anxious puppy in the window, furiously wagging his tail, big round eyes begging for me to come play. And I did.

I could write a book about the many reasons why I think mountain biking is such an amazing sport and maybe someday I will but for now i’ll say this. I’ve completed in many different sports over the years but have found none that have ever made me feel like I was 10 again. The ever so sacred feeling of shredding up, around and down moutains on two wheels,  is unrivalled in contest. The uphill grind that triggers your heart to feriousily pump oxygen to your legs while working to hold on to every last breath of air your lungs soak in.  And then there’s the downhill – ohh the down, that addictive exlposive rush of nervous excitement as you bomb down terrain that previously only mountain goats and skiers could have endured.

If you are a mountainbiker and I assume you are if you’re reading this then I know you understand. You are privy to what sometimes feels like a secret club because it’s just so awesome. This is a growing, evolving and addictive art, that you only get to understand if you join the club. Do it !